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After decades of serving customers and guests at Shiva and outside, chef and entrepreneur Sachin Garg combines passion and talent to add value and verve to dining and catering, thanks to his latest acquisition, a customised and sophisticated food truck by the name Shiva II.
An expensive venture with an $180,000 investment, Shiva II is Garg’s new genius in the kitchen. This customised truck took six months to build, and comes equipped with a fully-fledged tandoor, wok burner, a hot plate for dosas, bain maries, two sinks, a fridge and a 150 litre water tank. The truck weighs four and a half tonnes, and can cater for 300 – 400 guests at one time.

“What I have done is replicated the Shiva kitchen,” laughs Garg. Shiva is the 27-year old iconic Indian restaurant run by Garg and his mentor Arun Chauhan who founded the restaurant at Prahran.

It is no coincidence that Garg has named his food truck Shiva II. “My father and Arun Chauhan have been the architects of my career. They wanted me to get into the food business and I obeyed them with full dedication, sincerity and hard work.”
The truck has been registered and a food inspection team has given Shiva II outstanding remarks. Shiva II has been in full operation since 2015 and has been a big hit. We are found at different events/truck parks/festivals and private catering gigs.

Shiva II is the other word for convenience. There are no hassles. You can stock the fridge with everything and move,” says Garg adding “No Indian has done this before.”truck2

 But as the demand for his services kept increasing, Garg realised he could not cope with the pressure for high demand. At the same time, he was being approached by groups at the food truck parks to do things with them.

“The truck is going to be a leader” says an excited Garg. But behind this moving food on wheels also lie his equally passionate team headed by Chauhan and comprising others such as Hoshair Singh, Jassi Singh, Amita Patel and Ankita Batra.

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